Kenya Peaberry Freshly Roasted 100% Arabica Coffee Beans

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      Freshly Roasted Kenya Peaberry 100% Arabica Coffee Beans
      Single Origin

      Perfect for: Cafetiere / Filter

      Strength: Full Medium

      Flavour: A fine acidity with a light slightly fruity flavour.
      Grown in the Nyeri region, noted for its quality,
      this specially selected peaberry bean is said to contain all the best Kenyan flavour.
       This is due to fact the coffee cherry only produces one ovule, instead of two the resulting peaberry absorbs all the goodness, so giving a fine quality and special liquoring.


      What's a Peaberry?!

      Our Kenya Peaberry is crafted purely from prized peaberries a particular type of coffee bean formed when the two seeds of a berry fuse into one.
      Many consider peaberries to be more flavourful than regular beans; this single-origin coffee was sorted using a special sieve to separate out the small percentage of peaberries.

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