Panama La Torcaza Freshly Roasted Speciality 100% Arabica Coffee Beans

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      Country of Origin - Panama
      Region - Chiriqui

      100% Arabica
      Process - Washed

      Roast strength - 3
      Flavour notes - Raspberry, Tea Rose & Vanilla

      Perfect for: Cafetiere / Filter Strength: Full Medium

      A rich coffee with a delicate floral note, light in texture and sweet aftertaste. 

      Grown by the brothers of the Janson family at  2000 meters in rich volcanic soil, an ideal coffee producing environment with high elevation, the right balance of moisture & sun in a tropical highland climate.
      They have their own processing facility...the Café Volcan Baru Beneficio .The cherries are washed in spring water and fermented for 36 hours, before patio drying for several days they are washed by hand. 
      (The management of the farm has won an award for one of the best run farms in Central America). They are then stored for over 90 days to develop a more complex and balanced profile.

      Selection of the best coffees before bagging assures the high quality of the coffee.

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